LSA, inc. was incorporated in the state of Nevada in 1995 doing miscellaneous packing for Surface Repair and blistercarding for Swatchguard.


The LEXON Design Collection was added to LSA’s list of products from 2000 to 2006 when LOGOpaperCLIPS was born.  LSA, inc. has had a talented employee on the ground in Shanghai (Annie Chen) since 2008. Annie takes care of all factory interface issues and does the international shipping paperwork.  Our clips are designed in the USA. We pride ourselves on the fact that virtuals match actual. The very first shaped paperclips were done by LEXON for Airbus when Airbus was developing the 380.  The Airbus380 paper clip attached to the stack of paper with the nose of the plane facing downward. This is not the favored orientation for aircraft….in crash mode – so our Airplane LOGOpaperCLIPS now affix to the stack of paper with the nose of the plane facing up.  We have done LOGOpaperCLIPS for NASA (the Hubble Space Telescope), the Golden Arches for McDonalds, Automobile-shaped clips for Porsche, Audi, VW, Ford and Mini and many, many other wire shapes over the years….body parts, numbers, letters, 3D/isometric clips….etc, etc….



Gary Wittig

Founder and Operator